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Welcome to Lost Dog Tracker. There are few things more distressing than a much loved family dog being missing. Hundreds of our canine chums slip leads, take fright, follow a friend or sneak out of the garden & while Loki can't promise to find every dog his sharp nose can track your pets last movements & offer better chance of return. Loki doesn't charge for tracking, instead a donation can be made to Wolfdog Rescue UK

Loki The Wolfdog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (CsV) is a modern breed which began in 1958 when Karel Hartl sought to combine the robust temperament & trainability of the German Shepherd Dog with the strength, build & stamina of the Carpathian Wolf.

Wolfdogs are intelligent, motivated, active & versatile with a strong work ethic & sharp nose, however they require purposeful & consistent reward based handling & are not the ideal breed for every family.

As highly pack orientated & owner focused dogs, they thrive best in company which stimulates their desire to learn & engages their highly agile minds! Left alone they can become exceptionally destructive, willful & adept at escape!

K9 Tracking

With their exceptional scenting ability it's little surpise that the wolfdog has been successfully used as a Search & Rescue breed in Europe however Loki is the UK's very first K9 Tracker Wolfdog!

Purchased from his breeder in Orkney as a puppy Sam quickly discovered Loki's amazing willingness to track & began to motivate his training. Loki has successfully tracked several dogs (& a tortoise!) & Sam now wishes to put his natural talents to good use - helping to find missing dogs.

Wolfdog Rescue UK

Wolfdog Rescue UK is the first dedicated wolfdog rescue in the UK & is run on an enitrely voluntary basis by a small group of wolfdog owners. WdR organise transport, foster & forever homes for rescued wolfdogs & provide advice on issues wolfdog owners may be facing.

The rescue relies on volunteers & donations to continue providing transport, emergency kennels, neutering, veterinary care & associated cost in rehoming.
Please visit their website.

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